Favorite application about drinking :)

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Favorite application about drinking :)

This is an application called “drinking mirror”

The family suggests that women in Scotland . Everyone will be looking wrinkles just drink any alcohol if it continued for a long time . Government in Scotland is launching an app , which is a special name Drinking Mirror to make her see that what will happen if it is a pretty heavy drinking continued for many years.

Apple Drinking Mirror is part of the campaign ‘Drop a Glass Size’ the Scottish Government intends to continue to make women in Scotland who drink heavily have a routine update . This application will enable users to shoot and complete face drinking behavior which the application will calculate the effect of alcohol consumption was based on the information received.

Drinking Mirror reports that are available to users free iPhone, Android and users of the website. In addition to the effects of alcohol consumption . The app also allows the user to distinguish the better if it is reduced to drinking alcohol . It is believed that this approach will enable consumers to understand the motivation to reduce alcohol consumption down.

The survey found that Scott Martin Beach woman more than the standard 38% alcohol . Most drink more than 2-3 units per day / equal to 14 units per week. Which causes wrinkles on the face and weight gain all this campaign is hoping to Feminist Scott Hin drink soft drinks instead of water or more. This will make everyone’s health improved as well.


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