Thailand no alcohol day

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As a creator come from Thailand, I would loves to share my own country and stories be hide my religious.

Thailand ties to religious life from birth to death. Most people use various important religious day is auspicious for starting new things or do not do things that will reduce the loss of life brings.

Such as rainy days, parents often give their children the age criteria. Ordained by tradition in this period, I believe that it has much merit but for those who are not ready or no chance it can be ordained a “priest himself” deliberately ignored by mental prayer shall not interfere with the vice.

To abstain from drinking alcohol during Lent, a period of three months, in addition to practice and worship the Buddha. It is also a good opportunity to use it as an excuse socia such as peer pressure to abstain from drinking alcohol in a party that has a protagonist and it is time to start doing something good for someone in their family.

“Whiskey” is called another name. “Water change habits,” because when drinking it can change habits. From whom ever who became shy and quiet of reckless daring look can became a windbag. Respect of a person who looks respectable can also become decadent, no glory which switch to a different person.

As the people in Thailand,  Buddhists.  Everyone knows that life is not to veneration,  rules of life that should be a “no drinking alcohol does not interfere with any kind of positive  because these drinks providing little benefit but penalties and damages caused by the many.


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