Whats non drinkers campaign about?

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This is the first blog, so I would like to introduce myself. My name is Sita Chutiphaworakan third year student in media and communication. I’m the creator for ‘Stand up non-drinkers’ is a campaign focused on supporting non-drinkers that they are doing the right thing in Australia. This campaign was created in order to fulfill the subject social media engagement in UNSW. I would like to achieve non-drinker confidential in the society that even though they are not drinking alcohol beverage, they still exist and there is nothing wrong with non drinkers to be socialize.

In my own experience, I am a non drinker who still enjoying my life and socialize with friend with the perspective that alcohol can depend on individual preferences, sometimes peer pressure influenced in my decision but I have passed that point and stand with my position of the idea that drinking alcohol isn’t that cool, however, I choose not to drink as I have not seen any positive point of drinking alcohol. According to DrinkWise Australia (2012), Drinking alcohol is a strong part of the Australian culture. Sometimes it is not an easy option for an Australian adult to choose not to drink. Those who abstain from alcohol shouldn’t have to justify, rationalise or make excuses for their choices; however this is often the case in Australian society.

Peer group pressure are the use of alcohol in the future, making fun of people who choose not to drink alcohol can be seen in a modern society. However, if adult care more about on kids issue they would should not to drink as it can lead to the issue of kids absorb your drinking since they absorb adult’s attitudes.

The aim for this blog will be to share information, changing viewpoint from drinkers who making fun of non-drinkers as well as to make non-drinkers be proud of themselves.


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