So non-drinkers stand up and be proud :)

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So non-drinkers, be proud to tell people you don’t drink. Remember your reasons for your choice. Small subtle changes to your approach to your social and business life can totally wipe out any issues (relating to your alcohol abstinence). For instance, if you are at a networking event where alcohol is served, instead of feeling uncomfortable, use your non-drinking as a subtle conversation starter, que a designated driver joke or so and off you go. With your social life, ensuring you have a few non-drinker friends in your group means you can easily steer social events to a non-drinking environment.

What reasons do you have for not-drinking? What ‘coping’ techniques do you have? I’d be Interested to hear your reasons and experiences.

Thank you The author Mukhlis Mah (guest post)  is in his third year of a Geochemistry degree  at UNSW and is president of the Islamic Awareness Forum of UNSW (


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