Why Muslim dont drink ? (Part one : Guest post)

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Why 1.6 Billion Don’t Drink


I don’t drink.

I also appreciate the growing number of my peers who choose not to drink. They come from a variety of backgrounds and have sometimes very different reasons for not drinking but I wanted to share some of my reasons and experiences.


In fact, I didn’t put the drink down. I never picked it up. But why? Shouldn’t I at least give it a try? Isn’t a part of being Aussie to watch the footy with a meat pie in one hand and a cold one in the other? The answer lies in my reasons.


I am a Muslims, so my decision is grounded in the teachings of Islam. The general rulings relating to alcohol in Islam:

  • Intoxicants are all prohibited (which obviously includes alcohol). Islamic scholars have noted that one of the five fundamental goals of Islamic law is to protect the intellect.
  • The Quran acknowledges there is some benefit to alcohol but contends that the disadvantages far outweighs these benefits
  • Alcohol is banned in all quantities; small or big. This generally includes alcohol in cooking and chocolate.
  • Muslims are forbidden in even purchasing or selling alcohol. Essentially that Islam prohibits alcohol for societal benefit.



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