Why Muslim dont drink ? ( Part two : Guest Post)

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Great. Now you know the principles that form my reasons for not drinking alcohol. You also might have guessed that the title is in reference to the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims, of which all generally hold true to the above points.


It is easy to see the societal benefits to sticking to the above. No over- or binge-drinking. No drink driving. No alcohol-fueled violence. No alcohol-related dysfunctional family issues. No issues related to alcohol abuse in Indigenous communities and so on.  The individual benefits are also well known (no liver issues, less carbs etc) but how about the issues that non-drinkers come across? How about the ever-present social consequences of being a non-drinker?


Nearly every ‘professional/industry networking session‘ I have been to serves alcohol. Many businesses have a culture of social drinks on Friday arvo. How does a non-drinker deal with this? Should he hide it and play it cool (maybe no-one would notice)? Or should he order apple juice and hope no-one can tell the difference? Should he just tell everyone and risk social rejection?


Well that last rhetorical question came loaded with a fallacious premise.  I contend that holding steadfast  to the reasons one doesn’t drink does not result in social rejection. To the contrary, if you reveal you don’t drink, many in Australia will respect you for your self-discipline; as a rule our culture is very tolerate of people’s beliefs and values. This reality becomes much more evident (and appreciated) when compared to other, say East Asian, cultures where drinking is an integral part of conducting business.


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