Question time from curious Buddhism .. .

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As I am a Buddism and I would love to shared some of my conversation with the monk in Annandale thai temple in Sydney located in Annandale.

Does Buddhism and Islam are both prohibited in drinking alcohol?

Buddhism and Islam have in common is not drinking alcohol , Christianity not prohibited . (Or, if there are errors, mistaken for this point please help me to makes that correct )

Does drinking alcohol will have a punishment in next life ?

Answer : blame the alcohol , do not wait for the next life . You can see yourself in this matter . It can make the binge eaters in this country go to hell . You will not believe there is a hell after death. I have many people in this country go to hell because of the slavery of alcohol, drugs drunk. That any religion will do . if you do not just believe  just consider from experience you have in the with drinking alcohol. It would be enough to be considered by itself that alcohol effected negative matter in this life and  should not just believe what the Buddha taught .

There are so many people who do not drink alcohol even in Europe, Americas. Christians , not least to stop drinking, because of it patently which are various negative effected which can be seen in the present time from drinking alcohol. However, me as a Buddhism I would say that religious is a part of our life that makes us as a society stay in peaceful environment and the rule of not to drink alcohol will led all buddhism and Muslim going to hell, I would say that it can be true who know? but one thing I know is that hell in this case is a very bad situation that drinker need to faces when drinking alcohol.

So why not non-drinkers would be proud about this ? and stay clean isn’t it good.. . you are not an only one.



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