There are Australian who choose not to drink … .

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I have found some really interesting article which stated that some south Australian choose not to drink for various different reason as such

“I felt a lot of pressure, like a nerd really, because I wasn’t doing the same thing as my friends.

This is one of the social pressure sentence that you would get from young adult or even in teenagers. Many aiming to socialize but sometimes peer pressure is a matter so please non drinkers stay open mind and the choices you makes to express your self.

“I figure if I am going to have a lot of calories, why have alcohol. I’d rather a nice dessert.”

That’s sentences would get attention from girls ? to all drinkers > you might wanna see how many calories in your favorite alcohol drink please do so >>>


Alcoholic drinks are high in calories particularly common beverages such as beer and cocktails. However, by cutting back on the amount you drink, it can significantly help to reduce your calorie intake.

It can be useful to know that many alcoholic brands now have ‘light’ low alcohol alternatives containing less calories. Some ‘light’ wines have under 80 calories in a 175ml glass compared to 140 calories in the same measure of 13% ABV wine.

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